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Krispy Kreme Spring 2022 Fundraiser

Buy a $13.00 Krispy Kream Digital Gift Card
Redeemable for a dozen of Original Glazed Donuts
- Proceeds go toward Emery Park's End of the Year Event - 
Order your Digital Gift Card today!*

March 21st – April 15th

*Your digital gift card will be delivered virtually after April 15th to email provided.

Follow the link or scan the QR code below to order

EP PTA KrispyKreme QR.jpeg
Digital Dozens FAQs
Are DD redeemable at all locations?

Yes at all Krispy Kreme locations in the United States.

Can I redeem my Digital Dozens at grocery stores, convenient stores or wherever Krispy Kreme products are sold?

Digital Dozens are only redeemable at US retails shops. You cannot redeem Digital Dozens at grocery or convenient shops.

Can I redeem my Digital Dozens online for delivery or pick-up?

No. You must redeem your Digital Dozen during your in-shop visit.

Can Digital Dozens be redeemed online via the KKD web and app or through 3rd Party providers (Ubereats/GrubHub)?

Not currently.

What happens if I misplace my Digital Dozens?

Please treat the Digital Dozens as cash tender. We cannot replace lost Digital Dozens at this time.


Do Digital Dozens expire?



Can I use my Digital Dozen to purchase an assorted or specialty dozen instead of an Original Glazed Dozen?

Digital Dozens are redeemable for one Dozen Original Glazed Dozen. A shop may allow you to redeem for an assorted or specialty dozen, however that is up to the shop.


Are Digital Dozen transferable? I will not use it and want to send it to my neighbor, friend, mother, co-worker, etc.

Yes, Digital Dozens are transferable.

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